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2910Coaching Power and Power Read From the Pistol and Gun explains how teams can take a traditional run concept and adapt it in such a way to put defenses at a significant disadvantage. The DVD reviews the key factors involved in successfully executing the power and power read game from the pistol and gun. The DVD also details the underlying concepts, principles, blocking rules, reads, and quarterback calls for the power and power read. In addition, the DVD discusses how to run play-action off the power read.

Some reviews from the back covers of James Vint’s books/DVDs:

“Coach James Vint  has done it again with a great football teaching guide, 101 Pistol Run Plays.  He has coached at all levels of the game, and is well respected in the coaching community.  If you are teaching anyone from young kids to collegiate athletes, this book is a must-read to get ahead of your opponent”

Tommy Tuberville, Head Football Coach, Texas Tech University


“Coach Vint has played a major role in the success of our program.  Since 2005, we have been New York state AA champions and state finalists four times.  We have had an overall record of 74-7 since implementing the principles of his shotgun and pistol offenses.  Coach Vint’s concepts are easy to adapt to high school offenses, in part or whole.  Stay ahead of the “defensive curve” by staying with James Vint.”

Patrick D’Aliso, Head Football Coach, Monroe-Woodbury High School (NY)


From an Amazon.com customer:  

“Coach Vint could not break down this offense any simpler. I have purchased his 101 run plays and the option book compliments it so nicely. These are really books that need to go together hand in hand. He explains, coaches and shows not only each play but the WHY of it. As a middle school football coach transitioning into this offense, I can take his concepts and apply them instantly. Coach Vints simple use of calling plays, tag words and formations allows for a huge number of opportunities for a coach to implement the option into his existing offense. This is a must have for any level of coach interested in this exciting branch of football.  Coach Vint now needs to come up with a 101 pass play book that incorporates the play action and quick passes that would compliment these two books tremendously!!!!”


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